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    Complete offer

    We have a network of more than 2,500 partners in Europe in over 300 cities with exclusive offers of turnkey, sublet or operated independent space…

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    Time saving

    Don't waste time searching through hundreds of offers! We do it for you: a single contact to offer you offices according to your specifications.

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They trust us

Start-ups or large groups. Every year, we help hundreds of companies to move into their new flexible offices all over Europe!

  • EDF

    30 workstations

    Paris 12

  • La Javaness

    50 workstations

    Paris 10

  • Soan Solutions

    50 workstations


  • Agicap

    20 workstations

    Lyon 9

  • SNCF

    20 workstations


  • Cloud Temple

    70 workstations

    La Défense

  • Alan

    15 workstations

    Lyon & Bordeaux

  • Ma Nouvelle Ville

    70 workstations

    7 cities in France

Coworking spaces near you

Coworking spaces are located in every major city in Europe, discover them now:

What is coworking?

If we had to give a definition of coworking, we would say that it is a type of work organization that combines two concepts: a shared and flexible workspace (also called Flex Offices), but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.

The idea of an office to share between several companies or independent workers comes from the United States. In France, coworking has been a real success especially in dynamic metropolises. The first coworking spaces were created in the heart of large cities. Today, this way of organizing work is also developing in rural and suburban areas.

The advantages of coworking for companies

The main advantage of coworking spaces for independent workers is to get out of the isolation that working from home creates. Travailler dans un open space partagé permet de faire partie d’une vraie communauté. Companies can draw motivation and guidance from within their workspace. Coworking also offers a great deal of flexibility unlike commercial lease 3-6-9. Startups can operate on their own schedules.

The best coworking spaces are on

We reference both networks and independent coworking spaces. The offer is on, search now!

Wojo Lyon Grand Hôtel Dieu
Wojo Lyon Grand Hôtel Dieu Lyon 2
W'iN Nantes
W'iN Nantes Nantes
Kwerk Bienfaisance
Kwerk Bienfaisance Paris 8
The Babel Community Montpellier
The Babel Community Montpellier Montpellier
Wellio Miromesnil
Wellio Miromesnil Paris 8
Office Station
Office Station Metz
Spaces Cours Valmy
Spaces Cours Valmy Puteaux La Defense
Weréso Lille
Weréso Lille Lille
Mama Works Bordeaux
Mama Works Bordeaux Bordeaux
Now Coworking Lyon
Now Coworking Lyon Lyon 7
CoolWork Nice
Patchwork Nazareth
Patchwork Nazareth Paris 2
Hiptown Vélodrome
Hiptown Vélodrome Marseille 8
Morning République - Dieu
Morning République - Dieu Paris 10
Whoorks Rennes Gare
Whoorks Rennes Gare Rennes
B'CoWorker Poitiers - Toumai
B'CoWorker Poitiers - Toumai Poitiers
Héméra Ravezies
Héméra Ravezies Bordeaux

We reference both networks and independent coworking spaces. The offer is on, search now!

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Frequently asked questions about coworking

  • Coworking consists in sharing office space between several companies. They all have access to common areas (relaxation area, kitchenette, terrace, etc.) and the monthly rent includes all charges and taxes for the space

  • Renting offices in a coworking space has a few advantages:

    • Reduce costs and accommodate business growth incrementally
    • Improve productivity
    • Break the isolation by working in an environment conducive to work
    • Find synergies with other coworkers
    • Share exceptional common spaces: terrace, garden, lounge, relaxation, gym, etc.
  • Coworking spaces were initially designed to offer self-employed workers an alternative to telecommuting or working from home. Nowadays, start-ups, SMEs and even large groups use them most often.

  • To save time! Thanks to our network of more than 1800 partners all over Europe and our knowledge of the market, we send you in a few hours many proposals according to your needs and we advise you throughout your research.

    Plus, you pay no fee for our service!

  • No. Unlike a 3 6 9 commercial lease, you can rent office space in a coworking space for your business for 1 month as well as for several years. You choose the length of the commitment. It's called work flexibility!

What is the future for coworking?

At a time of the health crisis we are experiencing and the potential economic crisis that may be coming, committing to a 3-6-9 lease may seem like unnecessary risk-taking: what if my business isn't doing so well in 1 year? Et si je suis obligé de licencier ? We've seen this for many years, as companies have an ever-increasing need for flexibility in their real estate management: increasing the number of jobs should be as easy as decreasing them.

Coworking spaces have a card to play in the coming years. At, for example, we've seen demand change in the last few weeks: fewer jobs for the same number of employees: companies are rotating employees in and out of the office. It worked during lockdown, why stop something that works?

Another hot topic: the atomization of resources. Having offices where the employees are. 100% telecommuting is not the key, but offering workplaces close to the employees' homes has 2 advantages: the well-being of the employees by strongly decreasing the travel time as well as the socialization at work: it seems trivial but the work time "off" from the office (coffee machine, lunch, debriefing of meetings in the corridors...) are an integral part of the company and not being there can be a brake to the professional and personal development of your employees!

The question of cost often comes up: coworking is more expensive than renting traditional offices! Well, contact us so that we can prove you wrong by entrusting us with your search for sub-rented offices, in coworking spaces or even via operated offices. You will be surprised!