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Coworking spaces near you

Coworking spaces are located in every major city in Europe, discover them now:

What is coworking?

If we had to give a definition of coworking, we would say that it is a type of work organization that combines two concepts: a shared and flexible workspace (also called Flex Offices), but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.

The idea of an office to share between several companies or independent workers comes from the United States. In France, coworking has been a real success especially in dynamic metropolises. The first coworking spaces were created in the heart of large cities. Today, this way of organizing work is also developing in rural and suburban areas.

The advantages of coworking for companies

The main advantage of coworking spaces for independent workers is to get out of the isolation that working from home creates. Travailler dans un open space partagé permet de faire partie d’une vraie communauté. Companies can draw motivation and guidance from within their workspace. Coworking also offers a great deal of flexibility unlike commercial lease 3-6-9. Startups can operate on their own schedules.

The best coworking spaces are on

We reference both networks and independent coworking spaces. The offer is on, search now!

Wojo Lyon Grand Hôtel Dieu
Wojo Lyon Grand Hôtel Dieu Lyon 2
Kwerk Bienfaisance
Kwerk Bienfaisance Paris 8
The Babel Community Montpellier
The Babel Community Montpellier Montpellier
Wellio Miromesnil
Wellio Miromesnil Paris 8
Office Station Metz
Office Station Metz Metz
Spaces Cours Valmy
Spaces Cours Valmy Puteaux La Defense
Mama Works Bordeaux
Mama Works Bordeaux Bordeaux
Now Coworking Lyon
Now Coworking Lyon Lyon 7
CoolWork Villeneuve Loubet
Patchwork Nazareth
Patchwork Nazareth Paris 2
Morning République - Dieu
Morning République - Dieu Paris 10
Whoorks Rennes Gare
Whoorks Rennes Gare Rennes
B'CoWorker Poitiers - Toumai
B'CoWorker Poitiers - Toumai Poitiers
Héméra Ravezies
Héméra Ravezies Bordeaux
Le Pod Angers Gare
Le Pod Angers Gare Angers
Hélice Galerie
Hélice Galerie Flin
Mama Works Lyon
Mama Works Lyon Lyon 3
Wojo Barcelona - Poblenou
Wojo Barcelona - Poblenou Barcelona

We reference both networks and independent coworking spaces. The offer is on, search now!

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The current state of coworking

What is coworking?

Coworking is a working model that has gained in popularity in France in recent years. It's an innovative approach to work organization, focused on flexibility, employee well-being and the creation of dynamic professional communities. It enables freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees from Divers organizations to share the same workplace, promoting collaboration, the exchange of ideas and professional networking.

The beginnings of coworking

One of the first coworking spaces appeared in San Francisco in 2005. In France, we had to wait until 2010 to see shared spaces appear in major cities. Paris was one of the first coworking centers in France, but the movement quickly spread to other cities, such as Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes.

Coworking has grown exponentially in France over the past decade. Many factors have contributed to this development, including changing working patterns, employees' expectations of flexibility and the emergence of new technologies.

Changing work organization

The traditional model of working in a closed, partitioned office is less and less attractive to many professionals. Employees are looking for greater autonomy, flexibility and work-life balance. Coworking meets these expectations by offering an open, collaborative and stimulating work environment.

Well-being at work has become a major concern. Coworking has positioned itself as a solution offering a more convivial and pleasant working environment, promoting employee well-being. Shared workspaces are designed to encourage creativity, collaboration and relaxation, thanks to common spaces, rest rooms, relaxation areas and other services that depend on each space, such as : gym, yoga classes, community events, afterwork, rooftop overlooking Paris, play areas...

The emergence of telecommuting and hybrid working

Telecommuting and hybrid working have seen a significant increase in recent years in France. Telecommuting has become common practice, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Coworking spaces have played an essential role in offering professionals a reliable and professional alternative to telecommuting.

Hybrid working, on the other hand, is a combination of face-to-face and remote working. Numerous coworking spaces offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of businesses adopting hybrid working, with flexible office space and private offices to overcome the constraints of, for example, a 3-6-9 commercial lease.

Numerous benefits for businesses

Whether you need an open-plan workstation, a private office or a flat, coworking spaces offer many advantages for freelancers and large corporations alike.

Flexibility and lower costs

Committing to a 3-6-9 lease can seem like unnecessary risk-taking: what if my business isn't doing so well in 1 year? What if I have to lay off staff? As we've seen for many years, companies are increasingly looking for flexibility in their real estate management: increasing the number of workstations should be as easy as decreasing it.

Compared to traditional offices, coworking spaces and operated offices often offer much more affordable rates, and above all, all-inclusive with no hidden costs. Professionals can save on rental fees, fit-out costs, furniture, internet connection, electricity, heating, office maintenance, as well as shared services and equipment.

A dynamic professional ecosystem

Coworking spaces create a dynamic professional ecosystem, conducive to inspiration, creativity and motivation. Working alongside other professionals boosts productivity and encourages innovative ideas. Interacting with people from different fields offers a unique perspective and fosters professional development.

What's more, working in a coworking space offers numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration. These spaces bring together professionals from different business sectors, encouraging informal meetings, exchanges of ideas and professional partnerships, which can open doors to new business opportunities, potential customers and strategic collaborations.

Top-of-the-range facilities and services

Coworking spaces offer modern infrastructure and additional services to facilitate day-to-day work. Ergonomic desks, high-speed Internet access, fully-equipped meeting rooms and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Many coworking spaces also offer additional services such as printers, scanners, reception services, domiciliation, concierge services, etc. The services offered by coworking spaces are increasingly similar to those offered by hotels.

Events, workshops and training courses are regularly organized in some coworking spaces to enable members to develop their skills, expand their network and keep up to date with trends and innovations in their sector.

Find the space that's right for you

Coworking spaces offer a range of benefits that promote flexibility, collaboration, networking and professional well-being. They have become an attractive option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees looking for a dynamic and inspiring working environment. Whether it's to save costs, expand your network, boost your creativity or take advantage of modern infrastructure, coworking can be an ideal solution for many professionals.

Not sure if flexible offices are right for your organization? You don't have the time to compare all the offers, or you'd like to know about all the opportunities in your sector? Don't worry any longer, is here to help you with a tailor-made (and no-cost) search, from research to moving into your future offices.

Frequently asked questions about coworking

  • Coworking consists in sharing office space between several companies. They all have access to common areas (relaxation area, kitchenette, terrace, etc.) and the monthly rent includes all charges and taxes for the space

  • Renting offices in a coworking space has a few advantages:

    • Reduce costs and accommodate business growth incrementally
    • Improve productivity
    • Break the isolation by working in an environment conducive to work
    • Find synergies with other coworkers
    • Share exceptional common spaces: terrace, garden, lounge, relaxation, gym, etc.
  • Coworking spaces were initially designed to offer self-employed workers an alternative to telecommuting or working from home. Nowadays, start-ups, SMEs and even large groups use them most often.

  • To save time! Thanks to our network of more than 4,000 partners in 1,000 cities all over Europe and our knowledge of the market, we send you in a few hours many proposals according to your needs and we advise you throughout your research.

    Plus, you pay no fee for our service!

  • No. Unlike a 3 6 9 commercial lease, you can rent office space in a coworking space for your business for 1 month as well as for several years. You choose the length of the commitment. It's called work flexibility!