Office shared in Coworking spaces in France

We live in a time of constant change. Everything is evolving rapidly including the way we work. New professions are constantly emerging and this evolution is not about to stop. Innovation is a reality in all spheres of economic, social and societal activity. Every day, more and more projects are being born and people's habits are changing in the process.

With the new technologies, everyone, both personally and professionally, now has powerful tools that allow them to train, cultivate, document, make themselves heard, communicate, interact, but also to practice their profession. In addition to being recreational or fun, these tools are also a powerful lever for work, generating purchasing power. The coworking is a perfect illustration of this movement: practical idea, inexpensive, friendly, enriching, etc... this new organization of shared work is more and more popular.

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Business flexibility in line with a changing market

The changing labor market has given rise to the birth of new professions encouraged in France, for example, by the advantageous statutes of micro-entrepreneurship or self-entrepreneurship. Because it is now possible within this framework, to launch a project that is close to one's heart at the lowest cost, innovators and creators of all kinds do not hesitate to embark on the individual business adventure, often as a complement to their main activity that they keep just in case... This flexibility in administrative procedures has led to flexibility of businesses and malleability of minds. This has been accompanied by a new offer adapted to these new needs: the coworking.

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Every connected and portable object, from computers to smartphones to tablets, is a transportable and relocatable Le Bureau. Equipped with one of these objects, the sole proprietor no longer has the same need for space as before. A table, a chair, a high-speed internet connection are now enough for him. But the new coworking spaces also offer him many other advantages. This Anglo-Saxon term could be translated as the action of doing work together. This summary definition is not accurate. The coworking is more accurately a coworking space. This place shelters in a studious setting conducive to reflection and calm, people who want to work alone or with others and offers them a wide range of services à la carte.

An atomized market trusteed by a few big players

Like all good innovative ideas, many players have rushed to jump into the coworking breach. It's a fast-growing market, as evidenced by a study from British real estate firm Knight Frank, released in November 2018. In it, we learn that the number of coworkers worldwide has increased tenfold in less than 5 years with growth expected to be exponential equivalent to 75% per year. Regardless of the flexibility offered by these new spaces, the cost of a workstation there is more than 40% lower than in a traditional type of office. In addition, it is much more economically attractive to use a coworking space rather than tie into a long-term commercial lease or professional lease, which promotes a lighter corporate budget. In the fragility of the first years of its startup, this argument is far from negligible.

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Strategically positioned in dynamic business districts, or on the outskirts of high-traffic train stations, the coworking centers are designed in such a way as to leave no room for constraint. Everything is greatly facilitated for both regular workers and occasional users temporarily passing through a city. The coworking has a bright future ahead of it. It is not a fad since it has effectively responded to a new need that will endure and will successfully negotiate the future shifts that will arise from permanent technological changes. With economic sustainability assured, major international players have seized this market, not hesitating to transpose their model to France in the image of the American giant WeWork, the Anglo-Saxon Kwerk and the European Regus. France's Bouygues and Accor have teamed up to create the Wojo brand, which relies on the hotel group's powerful infrastructure and displays its ambitions to dominate the European coworking sector.

Differentiate through service offerings

Many other coworking players are trying as best they can to survive the competition from these market behemoths by trying to stand out from the crowd with a more personalized or sustainability-minded offering. Rather than banking on ever larger and impersonal spaces despite the presence of a wide range of services, these "small" coworking spaces emphasize the community dimension. So it is with market pioneers such as La Ruche, Remixcoworking, or WoMa. These brands give their members the benefit of a professional network on a national level that is a good task facilitator. The more human dimension is favored. The coworker does not find himself in a space as comfortable as it may be, which nevertheless sins by its too indifferent aspect. The actors of the PropTech have well understood the new challenges of real estate by creating value within the buildings themselves!

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When you cross the threshold of these community coworking spaces, you are not a lambda client, but you become a full member, part of the network of creatives and individual entrepreneurs already there. More than just sharing office space, it's a real state of mind that reigns on the premises, a unifying culture, as well as a mentality open to others, which is embodied by sharing and mutual aid. We don't come to these spaces just to do a specific job, we also come to dialogue, to discuss, to participate in extra-professional events and to work together on community projects. You also have the option to choose the domicile of your business within your coworking space. These coworking spaces are not comparable to the giants of the market, in that their service offerings turn out to be different although the basic starting point is the same.

Corpoworking: coworking at the heart of the company

An evolution of coworking has recently been taking place by integrating this concept into the corporate world. Known as corpoworking, this new evolution allows employees of the same company to come together in a setting different from their usual premises in order to create new reflexes, change habits and tint the work atmosphere with a touch of flexibility and creativity, conducive to the development of idea exchange and a motivating team spirit.

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The corpoworking has this positive aspect that it transforms the relationships within the company on a double horizontal level between colleagues, but more notably, on the vertical level between employees, executives and managers. As the ice is thus easily broken, internal communication is strengthened for the common economic good.