There are more than 600 coworking spaces in France, a number that is increasing. Whether you work in a start-up or as a freelancer, here are some tips to optimize your time spent in coworking.

1) Choose a space that fits your needs

Make sure the coworking space you choose provides good wi-fi, a good printer or even a mailbox. Having a telephone network is an important point, we don't think about it enough!

Regarding the layout of the premises, most of the spaces offer open spaces and individual offices (check out the coworking spaces in Lyon for example) but also bubbles to make phone calls or spaces to eat (cafeteria, canteen, etc.). Other elements may influence your choice such as the presence of games like pinball or table soccer or a daycare service for your child.

2) Optimize your work time

You will be more productive if you focus on one task at a time. Avoid multitasking as much as possible to avoid losing efficiency and focus your precious time on other activities.

Take regular breaks. Finally, learn the codes of your space: earphones in your ears signal to people nearby that you need to concentrate, for example.

3) Play the "community" card to the hilt

Between meet-ups, networking or attending stand-up meetings, there are many opportunities to meet new people in a coworking space.

Be an actor and not a spectator of your community, the objective of such a space is to advise each other between members. The coworking spaces in Paris create real communities between coworkers! The coworking spaces in Puteaux la Defense follow the same trend

4) Disconnect from the internet when necessary

Inspiration is variable and can diminish over time. In this case, recharge the batteries by going for a run or around a yoga or foosball session. Learn to cut off the internet completely at times defined by yourself (every Saturday afternoon for example).

To offer a great coworking space to these coworkers, many spaces offer various spaces conducive to this such as : relaxation room, reflection room, rest room and even fitness rooms that will allow you to decompress and air your mind.

5) Use L'Espace wisely

Coworking spaces are designed for their users by their users. They are designed to be smart and adapted to your needs: change places when necessary. Some spaces, like the coworking space in Bordeaux, allow you to switch between several offices. Isolate yourself at certain times and bathe in the creative and inspiring atmosphere of open Spaces at other times.

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