Thanks to the development of digital tools and high-speed Internet, the 21st century has seen the birth of a new category of workers. Mobile, nomadic and connected workers, also known as "those without a fixed office" according to the famous expression of sociologist Bruno Marzloff. To meet these new behaviors and needs, many alternative workspaces have been developed in France since the early 2010s (third places, fab labs, working cafes...) but the best known of them are undoubtedly the coworking spaces. A successful model that is used most of the time to network, learn from others and reinvent themselves.

If the offer is now plethora with nearly 1,800 spaces listed on the national territory, some spaces are however distinguished by their innovative and service approach. Discover our Top 5 of the most innovative coworking spaces.

Kwerk Haussmann, rue de Courcelles, Paris 8th

Beyond the narrative design of the spaces with Nigerian prints, it is the well-being of the occupants that illustrates this address. The green lobby, overlooked by the imposing La Verrière imagined and designed by Albert Angel, evokes the shelter into which nomadic workers are invited to enter. Far from the stress of the capital, the space is more like a hotel lobby than a classic office space. Balinese and Indian influences also brighten up the space and reinforce the feeling of well-being of the community members.

The innovation of these spaces lies in their differentiation and in the wellness and well-being programs provided by Kwerk, whose coaches are Group employees. This is an almost therapeutic vision of workstations and the work environment, where physical and mental well-being are key elements of performance at work. In this space, we no longer speak of Coworking, but of wellworking.

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WeWork La Fayette, rue la Fayette, Paris 9ème

A few blocks from the Gare Saint-Lazare and the Grands Boulevards, in an Art Deco building, the WeWork La Fayette coworking spaces are revealed. An ultra flexible and agile coworking center with an American influence. Some even consider it one of the most beautiful coworking spaces in the capital. The view from the 8th floor is probably not for nothing since it offers a surprising panorama on Pigalle and Montmartre, and comes to make us appreciate the extra hours on the terrace. This coworking giant manages to revolutionize work spaces into effervescent communities. Spread over 8 floors, the premises offer a wide variety of spaces for the pleasure of large accounts, employees and young creators. The services offered are high-end and complete. WeWork even supplies its members with office supplies.

L'Espace is innovative in both its size and the quality of its services, which are constantly being updated. The Covid-19 pandemic has enabled the Group to reinforce the sanitary safety of its workspaces with reinforced cleaning services, contactless dispensers of hydro-alcoholic gel, adjusted HVAC standards, etc. Another innovation - and example of inclusion - to note: assistance and guide dogs are allowed in the spaces. Welcome to the coworking spaces of the future.

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Spaces Bonne Nouvelle, Rue Saint Fiacre, Paris 2ème

Offering a stimulating work environment in the heart of Paris, the Spaces Bonne Nouvelle offices attract coworkers with diverse profiles. However, Parisian companies and start-ups, as well as French Tech and digital actors are more represented in this space according to the managers.

The recently renovated Art Deco building is a showcase of the latest technologies aimed at offering community members a seamless work experience through scalable and high value-added tools.

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Morning Coworking, Stalingrad, Paris 10ème

The premises of Morning Coworking Stalingrad reveal themselves within a calm and green space, rich in natural light. A green setting in the center of Paris, close to the Place Stalingrad.

Having found refuge in a former workshop of the 19th century, this coworking space designed by the architect Christian Pottgiesser is like out of time. The furniture is made of raw wood, real trees cover the open spaces, some workstations are cut directly from wood... An ideal place to recharge your batteries far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The objective of this setting is to create a space conducive to the well-being of employees. And it proves to be an effective concept! The Morning model seems to be one of the most adapted to the needs of start-ups as it offers flexibility and agility, as well as to large users who wish to renew their vision of tomorrow's office and meet future partners.

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Wellio Gare de Lyon, rue Traversière Paris 12ème

Here with Welio, another coworking space at the crossroads between plants and Art Deco. Imagined in partnership with Colliers International, the place unveils a setting of natural greenery and art deco ironworks. The influence of this place is organic and gives pride of place to the material. Strategically located, a few steps from La Gare de Lyon, Wellio offers modular and open-plan spaces with a free choice of configuration. If this center offers a large choice of equipments similar to other coworking spaces (checkroom, wifi, micro, relaxation area, parking, rooftop...) it is on the other hand its panel of activities which makes all the difference! Here, you can do karaoke, treasure hunts, well-being workshops, cooking classes...

Thus Wellio offers a place of discovery and experimentation that goes far beyond the simple work space. It is a space that many workers prefer, where private and professional life merge to serve the well-being of its members.

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The innovation of workspaces is no longer based solely on the availability of places and technological tools, but also and above all on the quality and relevance of the services offered to users. Since each work experience is unique, these coworking spaces pay particular attention to the value proposition offered to their members. L'Espace is now an invitation to discover. And according to you, which are the most innovative coworking spaces?

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