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The market of coworking spaces in Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country with an exceptional cultural heritage. This country has great tourist sites, but that's not all! Belgium is a Western European state in which the coworking market is booming. According to the Belgian Workspace Association (BWA), there were more than 135 coworking spaces in the country in 2018. This number has been steadily climbing over time. Everyone wants to be able to take advantage of a suitable space to develop their business. There are some everywhere in major cities across the country. You can easily find a place where you can work near your home.


Brussels is one of the largest cities in Belgium, but also the capital of the country with the highest economic activity. It has a population of just under 185,000 and 1.5 million inhabitants with its agglomeration. It is therefore the largest metropolis in the country. The city covers an area of 32.61 km. You will find everything in this area. You will find the country's largest buildings, hospitals, restaurants, public transportation, as well as several coworking spaces.

The city of Brussels has some of the most conveniently located coworking spaces. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of most of the major monuments of the capital such as the Brussels Park. Do not hesitate to choose a coworking space in Brussels. It is a city where several cultures coexist. You can choose between the modernism of the Marolles or the simple and traditional side of Saint-Gilles. If you want to work in the middle of nature, turn to the Heysel district. The large expanses of greenery will soothe you while you work. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Brussels?


The city of Liege, nicknamed "the burning city", is a French-speaking city located in the east of Belgium. It has a population of just over 196,000 with a mixed population of about 50% men and women. Liège is a city known for its strong Gallo-Roman historical imprint since its creation, which has evolved in multiple developments. There is also a strong religious imprint represented by about fifty churches. The city covers an area of 70 km² and also has the largest schools in the country.

Liege is also a city where the coworking market is evolving on a large scale. The best addresses are to be found there. You will have no trouble finding the comfort you want. Private space or open space, there is something for everyone. Les Guillemins, le Laveu, Burenville, Saint-Laurent, in short all the districts of the city have their own coworking spaces. Moreover, the city is prosperous thanks to a prodigious industrial development. All kinds of activities are practiced here to guarantee a stable income for the population. Liege alone represents 20% of the GDP of Wallonia, the southern region of Belgium. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Liège?


The city ofAntwerp is considered the most populated city in Belgium after Brussels. It covers an area of 204.51 km² and is composed of 78% built-up land. This beautiful city takes its name from a popular myth that will even give birth to an annual carnival to celebrate it. You will have a lot of fun discovering this city and working in its sumptuous coworking spaces. These spaces are numerous and spread across several areas of the city. The Meir is bounded by wide boulevards and includes the city's biggest shopping brands. The Het Zuid, on the other hand, is considered to be the city's trendy district.

Whichever district you are in, you will have no trouble finding coworking addresses and enjoying the local specialties. This is made possible so that anyone can find a quiet corner to awaken their creativity. Antwerp's coworking spaces are indeed very charming. They are located within walking distance of public transport. So you won't have any trouble finding your way around. A self-service bicycle system is in place to make it easier for everyone to get around. So you can enjoy short morning rides to your workspace easily. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Antwerp?


Coutrai is a Belgian city located about 30 km from Lille in France. It has 77 000 inhabitants and covers 80,03 km². This city is a real cultural jewel and a point of attraction for tourists. It occupies a place of choice in the country and is therefore a meeting point for trade. The economic activity of this region is doing very well. This is one of the reasons why more and more coworking spaces are opening up. There are some for companies and even for individuals.

You will find all kinds of space rental formulas in Coutrai. The key districts of this city are Haut-Courtrai, Old Lille, Lille center, les Sarts, Vijfwegen... Each district has its own identity. You will have a lot of fun discovering the local specialties of each area. Moreover, this city has the best hotels, museums and tourist sites dating back to the Middle Ages. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Coutrai?


Ghent is a quiet and prosperous Belgian city where Dutch is mostly spoken. It is the capital of East Flanders with more than 260,000 inhabitants and covers 156.18 km². The city is full of canals that reflect the beauty of the buildings in summer. It is very easy to get around thanks to the many streetcars, buses and even boats that run through the city. Getting from one neighborhood to another becomes an adventure that reveals all the charm of the city.

In Ghent, the cuisine, the monuments and even the accommodations have a strong rustic identity. In this warm setting, it is very common to come across rental offices whose modern decoration stands out from the rest. Along the Ajuinlei quay, for example, there are beautiful coworking spaces just a stone's throw from the bookstore and the flower market. The quiet and warm atmosphere is perfect for group or even individual work. You'll find just what you need in neighborhoods like Parteshol, the Millionaires' District or even the Post Plaza. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Ghent?