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The market of coworking spaces in Netherlands

Launched in 1999 by game designer and writer Bernie de Koven, coworking has become a trend that has spread throughout the world. It is a new method of organization based on the principle of having offices within "shared work spaces". It brings flexibility and provides a range of services that allow you to focus only on your business and not on the problems of everyday life. In order for these inhabitants to benefit from these numerous advantages, the Netherlands has set up dedicated coworking centers in these cities. Discover the advantages of these cities in this guide.


With an area of 219.3 km2 and a population of over 800,000, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. This city has nearly 10 districts that are very popular with investors and tourists alike. These includeAmsterdam-Centrum and Nieuwmarkt, which have retained their quaint, old-world charm. If NDSM seduces you with its modern architecture, De Jordan, on the other hand, honors several historical sites. Also worth mentioning are :

  • De Wallen,
  • De Negen Straatjes,
  • De Pijp,
  • Oud-West,
  • Oud-Zuid,
  • Westerpark.

In these strategic areas, L'Espace de coworking Tribes has deployed a multitude of offices for the economic development of this city. Amsterdam's economic activities are mainly tourism and commerce. Indeed, the original character of the pedestrian streets, the pointed and colorful roofs of the houses attract many visitors.

Strolling along the canals, discovering museums and historical places are some of the tourist's whims. Many tourist agencies have therefore set up coworking offices to be closer to travelers. It should be noted that the district De Pijp is home to the lively local markets where it is possible to make all kinds of purchases. If however you dream of a dream shopping day, head for Oud-West. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Amsterdam?


Rotterdam is a municipality of 324,1 km2 and which counts a population of 623 652 inhabitants. Rebuilt after the war, this city is home to many gleaming skyscrapers, hence its nickname of Manhattan on the Maas. It has three popular and unmissable districts. These are :

  • Delfshaven which is the ideal place to discover the replica of one of the 18th century boats and the Pilgrim Fathers' church. It is one of the few places that were not affected by the bombings of the past.
  • Kop Van Zuid which is an updated harbor area dotted with skyscrapers.
  • Stadsdriehoek, a very dynamic district with several bars, restaurants and clubs.

Rotterdam is one of the first ports in the world according to the website. This one allowed the opening of the Netherlands on the world economy. This city has a strong port concentration estimated at 380 million tons per year. The availability of large ships has allowed the development of foreign trade characterized by imports and exports. In order to increase the traffic, the state plans to build a railroad to connect the city to Germany and also to promote the transport of goods. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Rotterdam?

The Hague

Small municipality of 98,13 km2, The Hague is located on the shore of the North Sea. It has 553,306 inhabitants and several administrative buildings such as the seat of parliament and the king's office. You will also find the building of the international court of justice of the UN and many others. Among the emblematic districts of this city, you will find :

  • Benoordenhout, a real oasis for lovers of vegetation and greenery. It is home to the largest parks such as Oostduin, Arendsdorp, Haagse Bos.
  • Scheveningen which is a popular vacation destination because of its beaches and many luxury hotels.
  • Statenkwartier built in 1895 and famous for its beautiful pedestrian streets and its great variety of stores.
  • Zeeheldenkwartier, a beautiful neighborhood full of buildings and nestled in its heart is the monument that commemorates the founding of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Chinatown which invites you to discover the Chinese culture while being in The Hague.

The Hague is a pure tourist destination and this is where it gets its economic income. With its seaside resorts, the Dutch also fish for local consumption. A real mix of cultures, it is the right place to leave the Netherlands with a bag full of memories. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in The Hague?


With a population of 1.307 million, Utrecht is a municipality of the Netherlands of 99.21 km2. It is a religious destination with several Christian monuments, a historical university, a medieval city and a convent museum. Utrecht proudly exhibits its most emblematic neighborhoods, namely Dom District still known as Domkwartier or Museum District with its century-old trees.

Nobelstraat, a favorite neighborhood for families, and Stadhuis District with its countless pubs, restaurants and shopping venues are also worth mentioning. At first glance, it is possible to estimate that the economic wealth comes from tourism, but the website states that its economy is oriented towards university research. It is made up of research centers and universities at the cutting edge of technology.

It is a city favorable to the establishment of many startups and companies. For the smooth running of their activities, most investors prefer to rent coworking spaces such as Mindspace Utrecht, WERF5 - Coworking and event & work. Social Impact Factory Utrecht and Growforce also offer social offices, meeting rooms and other professional services for those who want to domicile their business in the area. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Utrecht?


This municipality of 88.92 km² with its 223,209 inhabitants is located in the province of North Brabant. If you are visiting this city of art and design, don't miss its emblematic neighborhoods like Bergen. It is located in the center of the region, which brings the population closer to the shops.

There is no need to use transportation, as you can do all your shopping on foot. This is also the place where you can find the Philips Museum, the Sint-Catharinakerk church and the Van ABBE museum. Besides Bergen you have Elzent-Zuid and Schrijversbuurt for those who are looking for a peaceful place to live. As far as the economy ofEindhoven is concerned, it is mainly based on technology.

It is the home of the electronics company Philips. The industry is thus very developed there. Agriculture is also practiced there, but very little by the Dutch. It should be noted, however, that the share of the agricultural sector in the Netherlands' GDP is 1.6%. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Eindhoven?