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Frequently asked questions about coworking in Lisbon

  • Lisbon offers many opportunities with an all-inclusive plug'n play budget, large common areas and great contractual flexibility.

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  • We currently list 20 coworking spaces in Lisbon. Contact us to visit them!

  • Minimum budgets for coworking in Lisbon are:

    • Price for a daily workstation in a nomadic open space: 25€ excluding charges / day
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a nomadic open space: 149€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a dedicated open space: 139€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a private office: 179€ excluding charges / month

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If you already know that Lisbon is nicknamed Europe's Silicon Valley, you'll certainly understand why this city has become an important location for entrepreneurs. The city boasts a wide range of coworking centers, perfectly suited to the needs of digital nomads and start-ups. When you arrive in the city, you'll be spoilt for choice if you're looking for a workspace.

Lisbon's symbolic coworking space locations

Do you love Lisbon and want to carry out your professional activities in a flexible, friendly office? Here are some of the city's symbolic neighborhoods where you can find a coworking space with interesting options:


The historic district of the Portuguese capital, Alfama features steep streets, coworking offices with colorful facades and modern restaurants. It's sure to enchant workers with a deep appreciation for history and culture.


In the center of Lisbon, the Baixa district is considered the municipality's hypercenter. This area is rife with shared office rentals. It's a popular location for freelancers and teleworkers alike. Baixa is home to Lisbon's traditional landmarks, such as the emblematic Praça do Comércio square.


Mouraria has been restored to its former glory in 2009, after years of neglect. Today, this residential district is a major coworking center. Above all, it's famous for its beautiful azulejo-adorned buildings and street art. This is also the birthplace of Fado, a Portuguese musical style.


Perched on the heights of Lisbon, Graça is a peaceful setting for those seeking tranquillity away from traffic jams. If you decide to rent a coworking space in this district, don't forget to visit Graça church during your breaks. From up there, you can also enjoy the beautiful views over Lisbon after a tiring day's work.

The advantages of coworking spaces in Lisbon

The concept of coworking in Lisbon is particularly suited to project managers and business owners who work independently and remotely. When professionals from the same field come together in a workspace, the interactions between members facilitate mutual learning and growth. As a result, it becomes easier to overcome isolation and discover partnership opportunities.

In addition to this collaborative atmosphere, coworking in Lisbon offers greater organizational flexibility than traditional office spaces. You have the freedom to work at any time of day, without being restricted by the fixed opening hours of a conventional business. You can also select the type of space that suits your needs, whether it's a private office or an open space.

On the practical side, Lea's coworking spaces are well-equipped with furniture and equipment. They feature printers, high-speed Internet connections and are located in areas close to the city's main transport routes. By choosing to rent a flexible office in Lisbon, you can concentrate fully on your projects while enjoying all that the city has to offer.

How do I get to Lisbon to rent a coworking space?

Lisbon is one of the Portuguese cities with an excellent transport infrastructure. This is a major advantage for professionals who need to travel frequently for business appointments, meetings or conferences.

The Portuguese capital has three main railway stations:

  • Entrecampos
  • Oriente
  • and Santa Apolónia.

All are served by the metro, linking Lisbon to other major cities in Portugal and Europe. Humberto Delgado airport is just seven kilometers away in the northeast of the city. It offers flight connections to many international destinations.