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Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is located in southern Spain and is the main economic hub of the entire region. A city steeped in history, culture and charm, it attracts millions of tourists every year. It offers the same advantages as any other major city in the country, and a pleasant living environment. In Seville, the coworking concept is booming thanks to the city's socio-economic situation and strong appeal. The authorities are committed to providing flexible, friendly and stimulating workplaces to facilitate the installation of startups and SMEs. This initiative aims to meet rental needs, but also to facilitate exchange and collaboration between professionals.

Introduction to the city of Seville

Seville is Spain's fourth-largest city and Andalusia's most populous municipality. It has a population of nearly 685,000 and a surface area of 141.31 m². It's one of the country's oldest cities, with a rich history that spans the ages. The oldest squares are to be found here, as well as most of the city's monuments, museums and churches.

Seville is the main economic hub of the entire Andalusia region. It boasts an international-standard airport, a high-speed train station and a motorway network. It is directly linked to the country's other major cities by its freeways. The free movement of goods and people facilitates trade with other towns. Business sectors such as technology, tourism, aeronautics, agri-food and financial services are highly valued and extremely well developed in the city.

The city has everything it takes to offer an unrivalled experience and a multitude of professional opportunities. It boasts over 200 coworking spaces to suit the needs of every type of worker. When you rent a coworking office in Seville, you'll enjoy a modern setting with a creative and comfortable design. You'll also benefit from a high-speed Internet connection, access to furniture, meeting rooms, printers, stationery, etc.

The city offers a pleasant living environment, with a sunny climate, varied gastronomy, lively nightlife and numerous festive events.

Where can I cowork in Seville?

Seville has a number of neighborhoods where you can rent a coworking space, with different advantages in terms of location, atmosphere, services and price. Here are some of the most popular coworking areas in Seville.

Santa Cruz district

The Santa Cruz district is Seville's most interesting neighborhood. It's the city's historic and tourist heart. It's home to some emblematic pre-Industrial Revolution buildings, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. These include Seville's Gothic cathedral, the Royal Alcázar and the building housing the Archives of the Indies.

Santa Cruz is characterized by its narrow streets, white houses and flower-filled patios. The town is home to shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. The most important administrative buildings are located here, and its proximity to the city center makes it an ideal location for coworking offices.

Commercial activities are profitable here, thanks to the influx of tourists during the summer months. Santa Cruz coworking spaces include WorkINCompany, COWORKIDEA and The Living Roof.

The Triana district

The Triana district is located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, opposite the historic center. It's a popular district that owes its reputation to the beauty of its infrastructure, inspired by the architecture of traditional installations. Despite the passage of time, it has retained its traditions and identity. Its main attractions are the ceramic center, the Altozano square and the beautiful Calle Betis street.

Triana is also a dynamic district, home to innovative companies, cultural associations and artistic events. The open-space concept pays off here, as the neighborhood is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. The atmosphere is friendly and the environment creative.

Coworking spaces are equipped with furniture, high-speed WiFi, stationery, lockers or storage boxes. Popular coworking spaces in the area include La Red Sevilla, WorkINSpace and La Buhardilla Coworking. They're easy to get to, inexpensive and no strings attached.

La Macarena district

The La Macarena district lies to the north of the historic center. It's a popular, multicultural neighborhood, blending Roman, Arab and Christian influences. It's made up of 23 other smaller neighborhoods, each home to a different social group. This explains its multicultural richness. Landmark buildings in the La Macarena district include the Virgin Macarena University Hospital, La Puerta de Cordobà, the Basilica de la Macarena and the ancient walls of Seville.

This modern district boasts a technology park, a university hospital and a shopping area. It welcomes tourists and students from all over the world. It benefits from a metro line and bus network. Entrepreneurs and students are delighted to exploit the city's opportunities and the advantages of the L'Espace coworking space.

It's possible to rent a flexible, multi-functional office as a duo. This facilitates networking, exchanges and collaboration between the various occupants. The most famous coworking spaces in the area are Espacio RES, Coworking Sevilla and La Guarida Creativa.

The advantages of coworking in Seville

Seville is a densely populated city and one of the busiest in Spain. It boasts many historic and emblematic monuments, including cathedrals, museums and so on. The city also boasts an extensive road network, international airports and a stable economic situation. It attracts investors from all over Europe and overseas in search of investment opportunities. Renting a private office in Seville to do local business or enter the technology market will benefit you in every way.

Coworking premises enable you to reduce the fixed costs associated with renting traditional premises, and benefit from flexible hours and contracts. L'Espace coworking spaces offer you a workspace tailored to your needs. Their owners are much more flexible, and the formalities involved in renting them are less restrictive. These premises also break down isolation, encourage collaboration and develop your professional network. Last but not least, this concept has the ability to let you take advantage of exceptional surroundings to boost your productivity.