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The market of coworking spaces in Germany

As a professional worker, you need a suitable workspace. Between a private office and a home office, coworking spaces are an ideal choice in Germany. Find out more about the specifics of this market in the main German cities.

Reasons to choose a coworking space in Germany

From Berlin to Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf, working in coworking spaces in these German metropolises has a lot of advantages.

Flexibility of coworking spaces with adapted rental periods

Renting a private office in Germany can be really restrictive for you. Not only are the costs very high, but the profit you can make from the space is often not optimal. Contrary to this option, coworking spaces offer you a great flexibility with very advantageous leases.

On the one hand, you will have a wide range of possibilities on the duration of the lease. Indeed, coworking offers you the opportunity to choose between very short term contracts and very long term contracts. Indeed, you can opt for daily, weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions. In this way, you occupy a space in and benefit from it to the extent of your investment.

Coworking spaces, well adapted frameworks for your work

In addition, coworking spaces are properly fitted out, well equipped and structured to offer to each worker a well adapted framework for his business. They provide you with a high-speed internet connection, printing and photocopying equipment, computers and many other facilities.

They also offer you value-added services, adequate to boost your activity. These include secretarial services, event organization, catering and many others.

The possibility to easily establish professional relationships

On the other hand, coworking has the advantage of being a place to create professional relationships. You certainly need, as a professional, to extend connections that will be useful for your business career. These collaborative workspaces that bring together workers from various fields are therefore ideal places to develop your network.

The main cities in Germany and their coworking market

Discover now some of the characteristics of coworking spaces in the main cities of Germany. You'll learn more about their iconic neighborhoods and their business activities.

Coworking spaces in Berlin

The capital of the country, Berlin has a population of over 4 million and is the largest urban city in Germany. Its demographics make it a strong potential market for real estate and coworking in particular. Just like salaries, real estate has very average values. Its main emblematic districts suitable for choosing a co-working space are among others:

  • Mitte,
  • Prenzlauer Berg,
  • Pankow,
  • kreuzberg,
  • Friedrichshain,
  • Charlottenburg, etc.

The main economic activities of the German political metropolis are centered around the digital, tourism and cultural world. Berlin is indeed an important hub for the digital industry in Europe. More than 60% of the country's IT professionals work in Berlin.

But alongside this field, tourism and art services are in full swing in this city. For culture, districts like Neuköln and Friedrichshain are worth considering. For tourism, Mitte, Prenzlauer Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf are the best places to go. Pankow is still the main one for the digital sector. So, should we start looking for a coworking space in Berlin?

Coworking spaces in Frankfurt

Like Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland and the Bahamas, Germany, through its city of Frankfurt, is one of the world's centers for banking and finance. It is therefore the financial capital of Germany. Frankfurt is home to many fintech start-ups and major international insurance and banking institutions.

The city of Frankfurt represents a gold mine for all young companies in the service sector. It is home to a multitude of coworking spaces. The coworking market in Frankfurt is highly constrained by the high rental pressure, which pushes up prices. Here are the main districts of the city to choose from:

  • Innenstadt,
  • Altstadt,
  • Bornheim,
  • Nordend

Located in the center of Hesse, the metropolis of Frankfurt, also called Frankfurt am Main, is the main German city where we find the largest number of French nationals. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Frankfurt?

L'Espace in Munich

Munich is the economic heart of the German Republic. The price of real estate is particularly high, but it should be noted that this is compensated by the level of income which is also high. The German economic capital is a highly industrialized city. The city is home to a number of high-tech industries, such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

The most important areas for coworking are: The metropolis has a very low unemployment rate.

  • Au-Haidhausen,
  • Kultfabrik,
  • Altstadt-lehel,
  • Maxvorstadt,
  • Ludwigsvorstadt-isarvorstadt,
  • Schwabing-west.

With its high level of professionalism and its high density, Munich is an ideal city for entrepreneurs. So, should we start looking for a coworking space in Munich?

Coworking spaces in Hamburg

The city of Hamburg stands out today through its economic and cultural dynamism which makes it a prosperous city. But in particular, Hamburg is strongly recognized for its port which is notably the most important in Germany. As a result, the economy of this port city is mainly based on maritime transit activities. But that's not all! This metropolis, nicknamed "the gateway to the world", is also home to the oil, aviation and energy industries.

This makes Hamburg an opportunity for technology companies. The most important districts for choosing a coworking space are

  • Reeperbahn
  • Deichstrasse
  • Hafencity
  • Alster
  • Cremon
  • Sankt Pauli

Coworking spaces here are generally very expensive. Particularly in the high-class districts like the administrative district. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Hamburg?

L'Espace in Düsseldorf

The city of Düsseldorf is one of the most important urban cities in Germany. Despite the fact that its employability rate is low compared to other metropolises in the country, Düsseldorf is located in a strategic region that makes it an important economic center in Germany. In fact, it is located in the vicinity of the Ruhr industrial area.

The city of Düsseldorf is home in particular to innovative companies specializing in the fields of health, wellness and fashion. It also offers a large number of Coworking spaces. Here is an ideal list of the main districts in Düsseldorf where to choose a coworking space:

  • Little Tokyo,
  • Dusseldorfer Gaslicht,
  • Dusserldorf-Oberkassel,

However, it is important to note that prices on the coworking market in Düsseldorf are very high in the heart of the city, but remain more affordable in the outskirts. However, it is worth noting that its public transportation network makes it easy to get around. So, shall we start looking for a coworking space in Düsseldorf?