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Frequently asked questions about coworking in Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam offers many opportunities with an all-inclusive plug'n play budget, large common areas and great contractual flexibility.

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  • We currently list 32 coworking spaces in Rotterdam. Contact us to visit them!

  • Minimum budgets for coworking in Rotterdam are:

    • Price for a daily workstation in a nomadic open space: 30€ excluding charges / day
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a nomadic open space: 109€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a dedicated open space: 249€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a private office: 149€ excluding charges / month

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Rent office in coworking space in Rotterdam

The concept of coworking is the provision of a shared work space for independent professionals and companies. Today, it is an innovative system that fits perfectly with the needs of certain profiles of companies and professionals. In a city like Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the coworking office rental is booming and offers many advantages. Here is what you need to know.

What are the advantages of renting a coworking office?

Renting office space in Rotterdam as a coworking space offers many advantages to both independent professionals and companies. Here are the main advantages.

A collaborative space that meets all your needs

In Rotterdam, renting an office in a coworking space means being able to satisfy your needs in terms of collaborative work. This concept offers maximum flexibility with the choice of a suitable subscription formula. You will find ready-to-use offices that can be shared or private.

A setting that promotes productivity

Integrating your employees and collaborators into a coworking space in Rotterdam also promotes their productivity levels. Indeed, the setting gives them access to all the necessary professional equipment such as:

  • office tools ;
  • an internet connection;
  • conference or meeting rooms, etc.

The atmosphere inside is pleasant and friendly and boosts concentration.

Everything you need to build business partnerships

In Rotterdam, many companies and professionals meet in coworking. This situation helps to develop various business partnerships between workers with similar profiles. Everyone benefits from each other's skills, technologies and experience. Coworking Rotterdam is the place for all types of professional meetings and exchanges.

A space that frees you from certain expenses

Renting a traditional office space can be very expensive, as well as the cost of certain services such as mail, reception and canteens. All these services are included in the subscription packages of a L'Espace Rotterdam coworking space. This allows you to better control your budget with real savings.

Why choose to work in a coworking space in Rotterdam?

Working in an open space is one advantage, but there are more special features when it comes to coworking in a city like Rotterdam.

Iconic and friendly neighborhoods

The various coworking spaces in Rotterdam are established in beautiful neighborhoods. This is the case for the historic Centrum district with its skyscrapers, famous monuments, covered market, shopping street, etc.

We can also add the Delfshaven, an ideal area to work and live. You can get to your private office with bike rental. The district of Westelijk Handelsterrein is characterized by its beautiful terraces, its chic restaurants, its legendary calm, etc.

Diverse and modern infrastructure

When you work in a coworking office in Rotterdam, you can take advantage of the city's high quality infrastructure. Rotterdam has many well-functioning bus and train stations.

In addition, there is the Rotterdam-Hague airport, which serves various cities in the vicinity. The economic activity of the city of Rotterdam is mainly concentrated in its port, which is accessible to larger ships.