Frequently asked questions about coworking in Nantes

  • Nantes offers many opportunities with an all-inclusive plug'n play budget, large common areas and great contractual flexibility.

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  • We currently list 55 coworking spaces in Nantes. Contact us to visit them!

  • Minimum budgets for coworking in Nantes are:

    • Price for a daily workstation in a nomadic open space: 7.5€ excluding charges / day
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a nomadic open space: 99€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a dedicated open space: 130€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a private office: 191€ excluding charges / month

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Rent office in coworking space in Nantes

In Nantes as in many cities in France including Paris, Lyon or even Marseille, coworking spaces are multiplying and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years as it truly meets market expectations. We can thus observe in Nantes a new way of consuming office space in favor of coworking centers that represent the ideal alternative to 3/6/9 leases. Numbering around fifty, these shared work places welcome both independent, nomadic workers and employees from large companies.

What are the main areas in Nantes where to rent coworking spaces?

There are several neighborhoods in the heart of the Nantes metropolis where entrepreneurs can easily find an office to share. Whatever the field of activity, areas of the city of Nantes such as Euptouyou, the Champ de Mars district, the Halle du Karting, the creation district or the Chantrerie innovation park have third-party places that offer an exceptional working environment.

Note, however, that while the mapping is evolving, the majority of coworking centers in Nantes are nonetheless located in the city center and on the Île de Nantes, due in particular to the range of services and transportation offered. The market is nevertheless gradually shifting to the outskirts of Nantes both to the west in Saint-Herblain, which has benefited since 2020 from the extension of the Chronobus 6 bus line, and to the east of Nantes with the quartiers Ouche, Buron and Halvêque Beaujoire Ranzay. Eventually, the Pirmil-les-Iles ZAC, a large-scale project of the Métropole de Nantes, should also attract coworkers in search of coworking spaces for rent in Nantes.

Thus, the tertiary and coworking offer in Nantes is relatively balanced between the city center and the outskirts.

How much does a coworking space in Nantes cost? What is the average price?

The average price of a coworking space in Nantes is 286€/month/workstation. The La Base range is €60/month/workstation and the high range is €830/month/workstation.

Nantes real estate market prices thus remain relatively affordable for companies or freelancers looking to rent coworking spaces in Nantes. Note also that depending on the coworking brands, prices can also be displayed by the hour, by the day or by the year.

Who are coworking spaces in Nantes for?

Coworking centers in Nantes, are more specifically aimed at companies in a development phase and who wish to deport their employees in project mode in a space dedicated to exchange and innovation, as well as employees who wish to prioritize their living comfort.

Note also that many concepts stand out today on the Nantes coworking market following the example of coworking bars and cafes, so as to seduce ever more demanding workers.

Examples of coworking spaces in Nantes

Nantes is a city that is home to nearly fifty coworking spaces. W'in Nantes, Whoorks and La Chapelle are some of the most popular.

A coworking space like La Chapelle is equipped with 14 workstations that nomadic workers, employees without a fixed office or even freelancers can rent by the month or by the week. It is located at 134 rue Paul Bellamy.

As for W'in Nantes, it is known for being the most historic of the shared workplaces in the city of Nantes.

Entrepreneurs looking for an open space in a cosy setting may favor Whoorks Nantes.

What are the advantages of coworking for businesses in Nantes?

For companies wishing to set up and develop in Nantes, coworking is a particularly advantageous solution for sharing creativity, innovation and cooperation. As in other French metropolises, a shared workplace in the city of Nantes allows entrepreneurs to significantly reduce their real estate expenses. Thanks to the contacts it allows to make, it is an efficient way to set up or integrate a professional network.