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Frequently asked questions about coworking in Luxembourg

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Rent office in coworking space in Luxembourg

For a few months now, coworking has been making a place for itself in Luxembourg with the recent installation of Spaces in the area of the Luxembourg train station. A space of nearly 6,500 m² spread over 7 floors, the largest in the country! A strong signal that reflects the increased demand of Luxembourg's workers and companies for less conventional and more flexible spaces. The users of these spaces also want to favour workspaces located close to their home. Thus, coworking spaces in Luxembourg are growing and are now counted at 50. A number that should increase in the coming years.

What are the main areas in Luxembourg where to rent coworking spaces?

The district of La Gare and the district of Cloche d'Or are the most popular areas for coworkers in Luxembourg because of their geographical location. The other districts are in development for this type of workspace.

Thus, Spaces will have 3 coworking sites in 2022 in Luxembourg and is already working on the opportunity to open a fourth one in the Belval area. As for the IWG group and its Regus brand, it aims to have 30 coworking spaces in Luxembourg by 2026, compared to 12 at present. It is a sure bet that the map of sectors hosting coworking spaces will be enriched.

How much does a coworking space cost in Luxembourg? What is the average price?

Like the office real estate market in Luxembourg, the coworking market is relatively resilient. According to the Quotidien Luxembourgeois, the average price per square meter in the city center is 51€ HT/month (+2% in one year), 36€ HT/month in Kirchberg (+3% in one year), 30€ HT/month in the Cloche d'or (+3% per year) or 22,5€ HT/month in the outskirts of the capital and 24€ HT/month in Esch-Belval.

Multiplying these figures by the number of square meters required, and adding the current water, electricity and heating costs, the corresponding financial burden is relatively high. This is why turning to coworking spaces in Luxembourg is an increasingly popular option.

As everywhere else, it is possible to book coworking spaces by the hour, by the day or by the month. To give you a reasonable budget, Buro offers workstation rentals starting at €395 ex VAT/month with no commitment or duration. Welkin and Meraki, on the other hand, offer a 349€ HT/month package.

Who are the coworking spaces in Luxembourg for?

Coworking spaces are aimed at a wide range of Luxembourg workers and are no longer the exclusive domain of startups. More and more large groups are investing in these spaces because of their need for flexibility but also to retain their talents who often prefer these spaces because of their geographical location and the services offered.

Moreover, Luxembourg's coworking spaces rely on technology and offer workers the possibility of reserving their spaces, parking lots, services, etc. via a QR code or a dedicated application.

Examples of coworking spaces in Luxembourg

Among the first coworking spaces that have taken place in Luxembourg City, we can mention Silversquare, located in rue Glesener and which offers 2,300 m² of shared spaces. The emphasis is on the strength of the community. The LCI (Luxembourg City Incubator) is also part of the landscape of third places in Luxembourg City. Housed in the Luxembourg House of Start-up (LHost), it offers daily spaces to all project leaders. The allocation of spaces is based on a file. Mama Works, which recently moved to the Kirchberg business district and offers for the first time its entire range of services in one place (Mama Office, Mama Desk, Mama Mobile).

Finally, if you prefer to work in a more traditional place, the BNL (Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg) also provides workspaces and boxes for visiting coworkers.

What are the advantages of coworking for companies in Luxembourg?

Shared workspaces used to be attractive for their ability to share offices but also ideas. Since the pandemic, if the human dimension and the relationship are particularly sought after, they also offer a promise of flexibility.

The image of the office and the workplace is changing (rationalization of m², cost, well-being...) and this new vision of work is leading to the emergence of more and more relocated work spaces.

Coworking spaces allow to drastically reduce the operating costs but also to improve the satisfaction and the well-being of the employees.