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Our office space on a service contract agreement

  • Private office

    For 3 people or more &
    1 month's commitment

    One or more private offices in a coworking space for your team, with access to shared areas and services: meeting rooms, phonebox, fully-equipped kitchen, gym, terrace, etc. All with a single monthly invoice.

  • Managed office

    For 25 people or more &
    6-month commitment

    You're at home on an independent office platform. Management is entrusted to an operator who manages everything for you: fittings, furniture, maintenance, IT, printer, coffee, etc. The charm of being at home with a service worthy of a hotel.

  • Whole building

    For 80 people or more &
    12-month commitment

    A building or private mansion just for your company, with tailor-made fittings and a full range of services. All managed by an operator allowing you to concentrate on 2 things: your business and your employees.

Save time, we take care of everything!

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What are the advantages of conducting a tailor-made office search with

  • Complete offer

    We have a network of more than 4,000 partners in Europe in over 1,000 cities with exclusive offers of turnkey, sublet or operated independent space…

  • Time saving

    Don't waste time searching through hundreds of offers! We do it for you: a single contact to offer you offices according to your specifications.

  • No fees

    No fees

    Thanks to our agreements with each of our partners, our accompaniment does not incur any additional costs for your company.

A new experience to find your offices!

After a telephone conversation or a visit to your current premises to get to know you, discover your work organization and find out what you need, we will study all the possibilities in the target sector for you.

Our online tool allows you to consult in real time the different offers available on the market: location, photos, budgets, services, transportation, 3D visit, everything is there to make the choice of spaces to visit together.

Not convinced yet?Here are some frequently asked questions about our service

  • Our promise is to save you time! Thanks to our network of more than 4,000 partners in more than 1,000 cities in Europe and our knowledge of the market, we send you proposals according to your needs within a few hours and we advise you throughout your search.

    • We discuss together to understand your needs and your problems.
    • We quickly send you proposals corresponding to your needs (within 48 hours max)
    • We visit several places together 
    • We refine the proposals if necessary.
    • Normally, at this stage, you have found and moved into your new office! :)
  • That depends on you, but after taking the time to find out what you need, we will make you proposals within a few hours. Some of the companies we have assisted have moved into their offices in less than 2 days!

  • No, depending on your needs, we can also offer you independent offices under a service contract (from 10 people), sublease offices or operated offices and, depending on the opportunities, we privatize buildings.

    We adapt to each client to find the office he needs!

Customized request according to

The supply of flexible office space has never been so important in France in 2022: the rise of telecommuting and the need for flexibility and serenity by companies have been key factors in the increasing growth of turnkey office space over the last decade.

There are many reasons not to opt for a traditional 3-6-9 commercial lease:

  • No capital expenditure (CAPEX): no work, no fitting out, no decoration, no furniture.
  • All-inclusive rent: Charges, taxes, electricity, heating, insurance, decoration, furniture, internet, cleaning, maintenance, consumables (coffee, printing).
  • Flexibility: commitment from 1 to 36 months
  • Speed: you can move in in less than 48 hours

Whatever your needs, the experts at will guide you in your search for office space anywhere in France. We have a very good knowledge of the market but above all we have already visited hundreds of spaces for you, which allows us to be much more relevant in our proposals!   

You are a start-up

For you, a commitment over 3 years is an eternity! You are looking for ready-to-use offices with the capacity to expand easily or on the contrary to allow you to leave easily with only a few months notice:

  • One or more offices in a coworking space
  • An independent turnkey office space operated for 6 months or more
  • Sub-letting offices in Paris for 12 months or more

You are an SME

Even if you have been established for years, taking offices under a service contract allows you to better manage the capacity of your employees: flexibility is the key to be more agile in your business!

Flexible offices allow you to :

  • Place a project team for a few weeks or months in a coworking space
  • Open local offices quickly to test the market without making too much investment at the beginning
  • Reduce the surface of your offices while increasing the services for your employees (company restaurant, gym, concierge service)

You are a major corporation

You are potentially facing several problems:

  • Your headquarters is in the suburbs and it is difficult to bring in talent, the explosion of telecommuting makes your offices a bit too empty.
  • You are cramped in your current offices to honor this new contract and would like more space temporarily.
  • Your real estate management is tired of managing commercial leases and wants to go flexible on several sites in France: we manage the feasibility study, the space search according to your needs and can even make you a single monthly invoice for several sites.

No fees

Last but not least, thanks to our services, you can forget about the excessive and outdated fees of the classic lease. On flexible offices, you have no fees