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Let’s find your ideal workspace !

Why entrust us with Your co-working office search?

  • No charge

    There are no hidden fees: you pay nothing! We are real estate agent of flexible offices but without the excessive costs of a classic real estate agent!

  • Expert

    We know the coworking market inside out so we can advise you every step of the way!

  • Time saving

    Listening to your needs, searching for the best offers, organizing visits, accompanying and advising you. Devote yourself to your business and take advantage of our expertise to save time!

Customized request according to

Do you have a need for more than 5 positions minimum for at least 6 months?

There are many reasons not to opt for a 3-6-9 commercial lease:

You are a start-up

For you, a commitment of more than 3 years is an eternity! You are looking for ready-to-use offices with the capacity to expand easily or on the contrary to allow you to leave easily with only a few months notice!

You are an SME

Even if you have been established for years, you can be affected by the economy. Taking office space under a service contract allows you to better manage the capacity of your employees: flexibility is the key to being more agile in your business! 

You are a Major Account

You are potentially faced with several problems:

  • Your headquarters is in the suburbs and it is difficult to bring in talent, the explosion of telecommuting makes your offices a little too empty.
  • You are cramped in your current offices to honor this new contract and would like more space temporarily.
  • Your real estate department is tired of managing commercial leases and wants to go flexible on several sites in France: we manage the feasibility study, the space search according to your needs and can even issue you a single monthly invoice for several sites.

100% custom-made ?

Whatever your needs, it is possible to find and fit out your custom offices while keeping a certain flexibility (12 months minimum commitment).

0 € fees

Oh yes, and last but not least, you can forget about the excessive and obsolete fees of the classic lease. On flexible offices, you have no fees!