Frequently asked questions about coworking in Dusseldorf

  • Dusseldorf offers many opportunities with an all-inclusive plug'n play budget, large common areas and great contractual flexibility.

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  • Minimum budgets for coworking in Dusseldorf are:

    • Price for a monthly workstation in a dedicated open space: 399€ excluding charges / month

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Rent an office in coworking space in Dusseldorf

Located in the western part of the Republic of Germany, the city of Düsseldorf stands out for its economic dynamism. A real potential for professionals from various sectors, Düsseldorf has many special features with its offices in coworking.

Coworking spaces in Düsseldorf

Between private office and home, the rental of coworking offices appears to be the ideal option for freelancers or liberal professionals in Düsseldorf.

The leading districts for coworking office rentals in Düsseldorf

In general, prices in the coworking market in Düsseldorf are very high. Indeed, renting an office in coworking space in Düsseldorf is particularly more expensive in the city center than in the suburbs. However, it is worth noting that the city offers a public transport network that favors the installation in the periphery.

In Düsseldorf, Coworking offices are widespread throughout the city. The main areas of Düsseldorf where you can choose a coworking space are:

  • Little Tokyo,
  • Dusseldorfer Gaslicht,
  • Dusserldorf-Oberkassel.

These are very well developed neighborhoods characterized by strong economic dynamism.

What is the economic specificity of the city of Düsseldorf?

The city of Düsseldorf is among the most important urban cities in Germany. In its geography, Düsseldorf occupies a strategic region in the Ruhr industrial basin. This position makes it a major economic center of the country. The city of Düsseldorf is home to several industries specializing in health, wellness and fashion. A perfect compromise between tradition and modernity, this metropolis also attracts many tourists every year.

What are the reasons to opt for coworking in Düsseldorf?

Now find out why to favor renting a space coworking in Düsseldorf.

An advantage of flexibility

First of all, the office in coworking managers provide you with very favorable leases. You have a wide range of options regarding the length of the lease agreement. In particular, you can opt for daily, weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions.

A great space for work and a home for professional networking

Theopen space in Düsseldorf are suitably furnished, well-equipped and structured spaces to provide each worker with an appropriate environment for their business. There are also value-added services such as catering, secretarial services and many others.

Coworking has the advantage of being a hotbed for creating professional relationships. Thus, it is a good framework to expand your network of acquaintances and at the same time your business.