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Frequently asked questions about coworking : Aube

  • We currently list 4 coworking spaces in Aube. Contact us to visit them!

  • The promise of is to save you time in your in Aube search with our market expertise and advice, all without any fees!

  • The minimum budgets for a coworking space in Aube are :

    • Price for a daily workstation in a nomadic open space: 15€ excluding charges / day
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a nomadic open space: 150€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a private office: 200€ excluding charges / month

  • This is one of the strengths of coworking: a few weeks, a few months or a few years, you decide! No more very long term commitments!

Rent an office in coworking space in Aube

In order to make social relationships more flexible, new work environments are emerging. In departments such as Aube, you have the opportunity to share your work environment with other workers. Discover here all you need to know about coworking spaces.

Why opt for coworking in Aube?

Working in a coworking space can be very useful. Already, we note that companies have more and more tendency to use the services of teleworkers. This results in the creation of more self-employed people. However, not everyone is able to work optimally from home. Coworking spaces are the best alternative. Moreover, they allow you to boost your productivity, to save money and to benefit from the sharing of experiences with coworkers.

Coworking: what is it?

Coworking consists in sharing a work space. Its originality lies in the fact that all coworkers do not work for the same company or the same person. In the same coworking space, one can find teleworkers, freelance workers or project leaders from different sectors. It can also happen that we find students in a coworking space. Thus, for an hourly fee, everyone can save money while enjoying a well-equipped workspace.

Aube: a dynamic department

The Aube department is known for its economic dynamism. Numerous companies are located there to carry out various activities. Moreover, the road network of this department is very rich with more than 150 km of freeway, national, departmental and communal roads. Public transportation is provided in cities such as Troyes, Ailleville and Aix-Villemaur-Pâlis by TCAT and other operators. The rail network has only five open stations and the department offers more than 34.8 km of waterways.

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