Frequently asked questions about coworking in Paris 9

  • Paris 9 offers many opportunities with an all-inclusive plug'n play budget, large common areas and great contractual flexibility.

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  • We currently list 44 coworking spaces in Paris 9. Contact us to visit them!

  • Minimum budgets for coworking in Paris 9 are:

    • Price for a daily workstation in a nomadic open space: 20€ excluding charges / day
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a nomadic open space: 99€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a dedicated open space: 358€ excluding charges / month
    • Price for a monthly workstation in a private office: 405€ excluding charges / month

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Rent office in coworking space in Paris 9

The 9th arrondissement of Paris is located on the right bank of the Seine. It is smaller compared to the other districts of the capital. If you are planning to start a professional adventure alone or with other people, you can take an office in one of the coworking spaces of this small district and start your activity.

A borough well served by subways

It wouldn't be very practical to take an office in business centers or third-party spaces that aren't very accessible to public transportation. This is not the case in the 9th arrondissement, as there are 19 subway stations that are within and bordering its territory. If you take an office rental with services included or paid for in this part of the French capital, you will be able to take the metro. Those who have a car will have no problem getting to their private office in an open space.

The population of the 9th arrondissement

The number of inhabitants in Paris (75,009) is around 60,000, which is about 31,000 households. In this part of the City of Light, the unemployment rate is less than 10%, which is still lower than in the other arrondissements. This proves that the inhabitants of the 9th arrondissement are rather active. If you don't yet have staff to hold your workstation, you won't have much trouble recruiting people who live near your flexible office in the 9th arrondissement.

Renting an office in a professional neighborhood

Working from home in your living room is not the way to prove to your colleagues and clients that you are professional, even if you are a mobile worker. You must take at least one office to share, but you will have to pay attention to its location. It is better to rent a closed office or a nomadic position in a place where other companies are based. As for the 9th arrondissement, it is home to many well-known company headquarters such as Danone, Mondial Assistance, the Galeries Lafayette Group and Gameloft.

The districts where to find a coworking space in Paris 9

Several dynamic neighborhoods in the 9th arrondissement of Paris are home to coworking spaces: you can find a flexible office near Place Saint-Georges, a coworking space in Chaussée-d'Antin, rent an office in Faubourg-Montmartre or find an open space on Boulevard de Rochechouart.