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Frequently asked questions about coworking in Hong Kong

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Rent an office in coworking space in Hong Kong

Coworking spaces are primarily formal workspaces that are shared by staff. They are a good solution for employers who want to avoid home offices or coffee shops. The advent of Covid-19 has increased the interest of many in coworking spaces, especially in Asian countries like Hong Kong. Many companies in Hong Kong are striving to reduce costs and thus maximize their resources.

Startups and agencies in this country also like to take advantage of these coworking spaces. This article will tell you in detail about the coworking market, the benefits of using coworking for businesses and the plethora of business districts in Hong Kong. You will also get different examples of coworking in Hong Kong, prices and different services offered.

The coworking market in Hong Kong is valued at 25 trillion Hong Kong dollars in December 2020, making it one of the most profitable industries in the country. Many real estate moguls recognize the immense potential of the coworking market due to the many untapped benefits it offers. When you look at online data and research statistics or the coworking market, growth and projections, it looks very promising.

Business districts in Hong Kong


This Hong Kong business district is spread over about 120 acres of land that was reclaimed from Victoria Harbor. It is an excellent business district with investments worth more than 25 billion Hong Kong dollars and includes many arts and cultural venues. Kowloon is home to Hong Kong's largest companies and startups and is a major destination for international businesses.

Tsim Sha Tsui

This is one of the most exciting areas in the southern part of the Kowloon peninsula. Tsim Sha Tsui is a place that every tourist in Hong must visit because of its cheap food, affordable housing and stable electricity. Your business can be close to the Avenue of Stars, K11 and the Golden Mile. These avenues are frequented by Michelin restaurants and Cantonese cuisines, among others. These Hong Kong business districts are a great place for work and play and a good location for coworking spaces.

Mong Kok Central

When we talk about markets in Hong Kong, the best place to visit is Mong Kok Central. Various markets like Dundas, Fa yuen and Sai Yuen Choi are amazing places to visit. Companies can place their coworking spaces in these areas as they offer many enticing opportunities to the staff.

Wan chai

This neighborhood was once known as the red light district of Hong Kong, but events have taken over and it is now a place where exotic hotels, leading Asian companies and cultural centers reside. Wan Chai boasts Hong Kong's best arts center, performing arts school and a huge exhibition center.

Causeway Bay

Nearby Wan Chai is Causeway Bay, home to many great stores that can be enjoyed at good prices. Causeway Bay is usually filled with Asian tourists looking for quality and affordable products all year round. Getting a coworking space near these areas is a good decision.

Happy valley

This used to be a swampy area in Hong Kong, but things have changed as it is now a modest business district with daily business operations. Businesses that want a quiet place where they can operate without much traffic and notice should consider this avenue.


Moving south from Hong Kong, you will find Aberdeen. It was once a great fishing town, but is now filled with skyscrapers and huge real estate projects. It is still surrounded by the sea, however, so you can see various floating kitchens and a plethora of Sampans. Near Aberdeen is a deep water bay with a large aquarium and amusement parks.

Examples of coworking space services to patronize in Hong Kong

Companies, startups and businesses looking for affordable coworking space in Hong Kong can check out the following platforms.

Regus Hong Kong

Regus is recognized as one of the leading providers of flexible coworking spaces in Asia and around the world. Their clients include some of the largest multinational companies. They offer good office space and affordable membership fees. Some of their major clients include Google, Toshiba, AT and Huawei. They are available in over 51 countries and over 299 locations.

WeWork Hong Kong

This workspace platform is known for its quality coworking spaces and multiple locations. It is a close competitor to Regus and offers services such as free WiFi, parking spaces and snacks. Many large multinationals like WeWork for its flexible rates and supportive environment. WeWork remains one of the most reputable co-working space companies in the world.

Spaces Hong Kong

Unlike its other rivals, Spaces offers a larger space for employees. Therefore, freelance agencies and startups looking for a workspace that will bring all its staff together could patronize them. Spaces can be found in Hong Kong, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries. They offer several membership packages that are affordable for everyone, regardless of status.

Thedesk Hong Kong

Thedesk provides top-notch facilities and equipment for businesses in one place. It is an amazing professional company that offers entrepreneurs, agencies and other remote workers the opportunity to be together. Their locations are designed to help different businesses grow and offer better value than any other coworking space in Hong Kong.

Executive Center Hong Kong

This workspace company has been around for over 20 years and provides quality workspace solutions to clients in Asia, America, the Middle East and Australia. Their centers have all the services that will ensure efficiency and better productivity. They are located in many business districts in Hong Kong. Companies that want to take their business to the next level should visit them for quality service at low rates.