When you have freelance or service industry clients, the internet has become a mandatory hub. But did you know that there is a way to easily capture the attention and ensure the trust of your future customers? The online reputation of your establishment is a key element in attracting new customers.

How can a coworking space exist on the Internet?

L'Espace de coworking can be visible on the Internet by adopting an appropriate marketing and commercial strategy. The first thing it must do is have a professional online (and well-referenced!) website that includes detailed information about its establishment and services. Prospective clients can find out about the services offered and the options for making appointments, hours of operation. Flexible office managers can also use various online platforms to promote their services.

Social media is particularly useful. They provide an opportunity to engage directly with clients and keep them informed of new promotional offers and rates. In addition, a coworking space can implement a strategy to acquire new customers on the internet (paid referencing for example). By using search engines, SEO and local search to improve its visibility, patients can quickly find this information from engines such as Google and Bing. In addition to improving its online presence, the coworking space can also leverage digital instant chat tools (whatsapp for example) to provide a better customer experience.

Why do coworking space customers look for a quality professional with a good 5-star reputation on search engines?

Coworking space customers look for a quality professional on search engines for several reasons. The main one is that in any profession, we want to work with the best, the ones who don't do us wrong.

Nowadays, more than ever, customers want to be assured that they will be treated by an experienced professional team and that they will be followed and treated with care during their working days. For this reason, they systematically check the past experience of other clients via reviews and ratings left on the internet.

Another factor why freelancers search for quality shared office space on search engines is access to up-to-date information on pricing and closed offices available in real time. The internet provides clients with a view of the inventory of available office space and locations in real time. Search engines are a very practical solution to this problem and allow future clients to know their options (locations/services/prices).

Why is digital awareness and reputation the key to success for professional coworking space managers?

Digital awareness and reputation are the key to the success of dental professionals. Indeed, with the rise of digital and social media platforms, consumers seeking dental care can learn more about dental practices and their work. Strong brand awareness will help build a level of trust between dental practices and patients. Clients will be able to trust the practitioner's experience and knowledge, which will encourage them to choose them for their care.

In addition, a good digital reputation is essential for generating leads and creating a strong online presence. Healthcare professionals need a clear, modern website that is active across digital channels. They also need to promote their practice to attract potential patients. Similarly, dental practices can leverage digital tools such as regular blogging and SEO to build their brand. They need to rank high in search results. Dental practices can also use social media to connect directly with the target audience that might be interested in their services.

How can Google My Business meet the needs of a coworking space?

Google My Business (also known as Google Business Profile which is its new official brand) is a powerful service that helps businesses connect with their customers and stay visible online, in the first pages of google or in google maps. It is a powerful tool for coworking space owners and managers, as it helps build a strong online presence and even drive more traffic to their establishment. Thanks to Google My Business, you can improve your visibility and your e-reputation. In order to ensure the success of its record it is advisable to go through an expert consultant google my business.

Google My Business provides detailed information to your customers by displaying information such as your services, your address, photos etc..

This makes it easy for customers to find details about your coworking space and understand what you can offer. With Google My Business, coworking spaces can also publish relevant and informative content for potential customers (via posts), so that they are aware of new offers and services provided. Think of Google My Business (also known as Google Business Profile) as more of a social network than a directory!

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