Summer is here, and if half of us are killing ourselves to work on their "Summer Body", the other half is rather wondering how to enjoy their summer by teleworking on the most beautiful rooftops and terraces of France. It's an opportunity to get some color but also to live a different experience just a few steps away from home, whether for a day or for a longer period. Of course, we would advise you to avoid cocktails at any time of the day and to prefer shaded areas, but dare to live the experience anyway. We deliver below our selection of the 5 most beautiful outdoor and landscaped spaces of Parisian coworking spaces to spend the summer.

WeWork Colisée

It is in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris that the WeWork Colisée coworking space nestles. A prime spot for Parisian coworkers and nomadic telecommuters, the space also includes a huge rooftop with garden that offers a breathtaking view of the capital. This exceptional space is reserved for members, but their guests will also be able to enjoy this incredible view of the Eiffel Tower all day. It has been fitted out with a covered outdoor Pantry and many planted relaxation areas for well-being issues but also to preserve the surrounding biodiversity. The plus of this rooftop: the possibility of having beers on tap at the end of the day!

Discover the WeWork Colisée coworking space

How do you work in the sun?

While working outdoors can have many virtues such as a higher intake of vitamin D and natural light, the effects of the sun can also have harmful effects that you need to anticipate because some Danish scientists and researchers from the University of Copenhagen conducted a study demonstrating that prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, and therefore UV rays, could lead to an alteration in motor and cognitive abilities. To counteract these effects, they advise covering the head and body and drinking plenty of water. In addition, shady areas are to be preferred. So we work cool but we protect ourselves!

Wellio Gare de Lyon

This is in the 12th arrondissement of Paris that this second large-scale rooftop is located, which delivers a view of the Place de la Bastille, the quays of the Seine or even Bercy. This one is moreover located near the innovative spaces of the R+6, entirely privatizable by the members.

This is one of the rooftops in Paris where it's good to telework on nice days.

Discover the Wellio Gare de Lyon coworking space

Morning Penthièvre

We're cheating a bit with this space, which doesn't have a rooftop but a very large terrace set up in the courtyard of this 4-story building. This Haussmannian building located at 6 rue de Penthièvre in Paris 8 offers a landscaped courtyard ideal for working in spring or summer.

Think about reserving your place there with Camille, Morning Manager, as places are in demand in summer! A dedicated team can also help you privatize this space for your custom events.

Discover the Morning Penthièvre coworking space

Startway Porte Montmartre

Drive to the 18th arrondissement of Paris this time to check out the coworking space of Startway Porte Montmartre. Only a few detours from the Butte Montmartre, the Grandes Carrières or Clignancourt, Starway's coworking space is located in a bucolic environment with a village spirit. From Monday to Friday the premises are open from 9am to 6pm but members can have full access 7 days a week 24 hours a day. L'Espace provides shared and private offices for rent on demand, by the hour or by the day. Here too, the spaces give access to an interior courtyard that facilitates informal meetings and exchanges and a large and pleasant terrace as well as a rooftop. Enough to enjoy an intimate view of the Montmartre Basilica at sunset.

Discover the Startway Porte Montparnasse space

Wojo Tolbiac

Another strategic arrondissement of the capital, the 13th arrondissement of Paris is home to Wojo Tolbiac's coworking space. The latter, equipped with a rooftop, is the resort of many companies who want to organize an event there with a panoramic view of all Paris. This rooftop, with a surface area of 500 m², was designed by Eliane Richard of the Tetris design agency, who created it on the theme of "imaginary travel". The place is truly enchanting and enjoys a 360 degree view.

Discover the Wojo Tolbiac coworking space

So it's entirely possible to have a great summer while telecommuting from your favorite coworking space. Which one will you decide to test? At we decided not to choose and to make the most of all these amazing places in the capital all summer long!!

  • What are the most beautiful rooftops to work on in summer?

    What are the most beautiful rooftops to work on in summer?

    Summer is here, and while half of us are killing ourselves to work on our "Summer Body," the other half are more concerned with how to enjoy their summer by telecommuting to the most beautiful rooftops and terraces in France.

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    The boom of ephemeral coworking spaces

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